welcome to main event!
mainevent is now an open, public community. because the group will be on the smaller side, kayfabe will be frequently used to promote interaction through community-wide activities. the goal is to have several activities per week so members in all time zones and of all degrees of availability should be able to participate in at least one. members can find an explanation of various activities here, including a points system, buddies, group discussions and scenes, and games.

wrestling communities tend to be small compared to other wide-interest rp communities on insanejournal. for that reason, activity is essential to keep the community alive. while activity more than only updating is necessary to keep the community fun for everyone, updates are the simplest way to judge activity. your update deadline is every two weeks.

however, roadagent is very lenient when it comes to updates. we understand how easy it is for two weeks to slip by, so two weeks does not guarantee automatic removal. through the points system, it is easier to gauge activity within the community, and as along as there is some activity, your character will be given a pass.

removals will be done at the end of every month. whether your character has been actively commenting or not, if it has been two weeks since your last update, your character will be available for override.

there are no restrictions on what counts as an update. you may write narratives, paragraphs, or random posts. pictures, videos, lyrics. just update your journal with something that tells about your character and/or encourages other members to respond. we do ask that not safe for work posts — pictures or text — be placed behind a cut tag along with a warning.

we do not care how many characters you have in the game as long as they are all active. each character will be regarded individually, so just because you are active with one character does not mean you have a free pass with another inactive character.

aim is optional, so if someone asks for a custom, please respond asap!

to apply...
holds will now be accepted, but only for twenty-four hours. make a journal which refers to your character in some way. real name, gimmick, nickname, whatever you have as long as your character is identifiable. the journal should have at least one icon, a friends only post, and a separate screened ooc contact post. we want both posts so there is a way for every character to reach you in whatever way they may need. we feel that both a friends only post and an ooc contact post are absolutely vital, so we would like to see both linked in your application so we know everyone can get in touch with you. if you choose to use aim, make an aim screenname! aim is entirely optional. we would like to see examples to know if you are the right fit for our community. you may post the examples in your journal ( remember to lock them so only roadagent can see! ) or drop them off in the screened dropbox. with examples, we prefer to see one scene example. only one is necessary, but make sure the one reply you pick best represents your writing ability. proper grammar and spelling is a must, but we also want to see that you can give your writing partner(s) something to work with and that you can tell more about your character than simple, vague dialogue and action. once you have all of this compiled, fill out the application, add roadagent, and request membership to mainevent and kayfabe! we will try to do adds nightly, if not as we see them.

we are all here to write and have fun! in case you missed it, we are here to write and have fun. we expect maturity from our members. while realism is a necessity to make sure the fun is not ruined for other members, we understand that drama in the wrestling world tends to be over the top. there will be fights and dirty laundry aired. please be respectful, run major storylines by anyone else it might affect, and understand that ooc business has no place inside the game. otherwise, go crazy! drama is what will keep everyone interested in the game, and writing the drama is how it evolves. we love character development! you cannot develop characters if you consistently use one-liners! give your writing partner(s) something to work with! however, sometimes one-liners are exactly what is needed to get a rise out of other characters. do you what you think properly conveys your character, but make sure it is participating rather than scraping by with the bare minimum.

there are three main places to post in mainevent ( four if you count aim! ). mainevent is to stay updated on new/removed members, special ooc mod notes, and the optional member-posted introductions. kayfabe is for our community activities. group thread? ama? writing prompt? look for it in kayfabe. everything else belongs in your character’s journal, including updates, lyrics, random posts, and any ooc notes you may need to share with the whole community. feel free to contact the mod with any suggestions for additional communities, but we do aim to keep the community as concise as possible!