when did you first know you wanted to be a wrestler?

who is your favorite active wrestler?

who is your favorite wrestler of all time?

who is your least favorite wrestler of all time?

have you ever had any trouble backstage?

where are you billed from, and is there any particular reason if it's different from your hometown?

what’s your favorite thing about your job?

what do you hate most about your job?

what was your training experience like?

what’s your favorite entrance theme song?

what’s your favorite entrance?

what’s your favorite wrestling match?

of your own matches, which have been your favorite and your least favorite?

who would you like to feud with?

who cuts the best promos?

what is your favorite promo/backstage segment?

do you pay attention to any promotions aside from the one you work for?

what’s your favorite wrestling move?

who’s your favorite commentator of all time?

what’s your favorite wrestling-related t-shirt?

who’s your favorite female wrestler?

what’s been your worst injury?